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Linksworkz Design Studio was founded in 2018 by award-winning designer Jeffrey Liu, the former Director of the world's top hospitality design firm. With a brand strategy and conceptual approach, Linksworkz works across a different scale and luxury development - in visual identity, wayfinding, signage, environmental graphics, an d art features.

Linksworkz, known as LWD, emphasises a brand marking approach with a strong visual concept to suit each project and aims for simple and recognisable design solutions with flexibility and visual finesse.

Based in Singapore, Linksworkz has grown its creative team in Singapore and China, and having its representative partners in Vietnam and Bangkok to bring more services to the Asia Pacific Clients.



Co-Founder & Creative Director

of Linksworkz Design Studio

Dear Friends,

Throughout the years of my design experience, I always emphasise how important is the brand to a project.


Being a wayfinding signage designer. It is necessary to allow the wayfinding system to serve its purpose, guiding the users to their directions in the most effective way. Furthermore, it is also important to let the design serve its more purpose, which is brand value enhancement.


The way Linksworkz works is not just by providing a strategy wayfinding solution; it is most important to create a unique brand element and apply it to the project in a very subtable way, but powerful. This is how we could help our clients make their projects remarkable, unique, and value-added.


Signage is not just the directional messaging or information. It is a high-value tool that can create brand value for a project, and it is an art piece that works cohesively with the architecture, landscape, and interior space.

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