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Linksworkz Design Studio


Welcome to Linksworkz Design Studio, a pioneering design agency founded in 2018 by Jeffrey Liu. We specialize in personalized branding and visual design solutions for projects of all scales.

Our services include crafting striking visual identities, comprehensive wayfinding systems, unique signage, emotive environmental graphics, and intriguing art installations. Each design is tailored to meet our client's unique needs while maintaining simplicity, flexibility, and visual elegance. With our main base in Singapore and a strong professional team across China, Vietnam, and Bangkok, we provide uninterrupted, high-quality services throughout the Asia Pacific.

In 2023, Linksworkz Design Studio introduces LWDCatalyst, integrating Generative AI design techniques and immersive AI design education into our offerings. We are committed to infusing each project with professionalism, creativity, and forward-thinking innovation. Contact us to transform your vision into reality.

Our Story

Jeffrey Liu is the creative powerhouse and founding director of Linksworkz Design Studio. Residing in Singapore, he has seamlessly interwoven creativity with cutting-edge technology, reshaping the realm of design and wayfinding signage. With an extensive portfolio and expertise in digital modeling, Jeffrey breathes life into Linksworkz Design Studio's forward-thinking ethos. He also serves as the Consultant Director at a leading hospitality design consultancy firm, showcasing his ability to marry design and technology in innovative ways.

Driven by his fascination with the intersection of design and technology, Jeffrey has ushered Linksworkz Design Studio into the exciting domain of Generative AI and digital creation. Under his visionary leadership, the studio successfully integrates inventive AI digital designs and immersive AI design education programs. Jeffrey's commitment extends to sharing his knowledge with industry professionals, enlightening them about the transformative impact of AI in the design industry.

Guided by Jeffrey's innovative approach, Linksworkz Design Studio embodies innovation and avant-garde design solutions, ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of what is conceivable. With a focus on creativity, technology, and forward-thinking design, the studio continues to redefine the possibilities in the world of design and wayfinding signage.

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