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Unleashing Creativity with AI

The Journey of Linksworkz Using Midjourney's Style Tuner

At Linksworkz Design Studio, we are always pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. Our founder director, Mr. Jeffrey, has recently been exploring the exciting new Style Tuner feature from Midjourney, a groundbreaking tool that is redefining the possibilities in AI-generated imagery.

The Style Tuner allows us to personalize the appearance of our AI-generated images. By using the /tune command, we create a range of sample images that showcase

different visual styles based on our unique prompts​​. This feature offers an incredible array of options, with choices in Style Directions, allowing us to view up to 128 pairs of image variations, and the ability to select between Default or Raw modes for our sample images​​.

Once we submit our job, the Style Tuner generates pairs of images for each chosen Style Direction, using our subscription's Fast GPU time​​. When the Style Tuner is ready, we're able to review and select from these image pairs, each representing a distinct visual direction based on our prompt​​​​.

This tool is not just about creating images; it's about experimentation and exploration. We can generate codes from our chosen styles and apply them to new prompts, discovering complex interactions between style codes and prompts, and sharing these codes with others in the design community​​. Moreover, we can save and reuse our favorite codes for future projects, streamlining our creative process​​.

The Style Tuner is compatible with various parameters like --aspect, --chaos, and --tile, but not with image prompts that do not include a text prompt​​. We're also experimenting with combining multiple style codes and using the --stylize parameter to adjust the influence of our style choices on the generated images​​​​.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore this innovative tool and create stunning, unique visual experiences with AI.

Moreover, please feel free to apply this style for all your generation.

--style raw-21QgQgWTejfsTq5MatPVlwg0pi0jCIep7fcv91QRC2

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