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Mountvilla Signge Design

Residence Apartment I Sales Gallery


Branding, Wayfinding, Signage  I  2022  I  Nanchang. China

The MountVilla is one of the most luxurious villa residences in Nanchang China, developed by the Vanke Group.


Design by the famous architecture company SCDA and landscape architecture Zhuyufan Studio. We aim to have the signage design able to serve as part of the overall architecture design subtly.


The approach and intention make our design to be significant to the signage placement and its craftsmanship. We created the minimalist sign design, which integrated with the wall by replacing the stone. And emphasise more on the overall project look and feel rather than showing much to the sign. We choose the architecture and landscape color scheme as the key to having the signage present its information cohesively.

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