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FooChowFu Apartment Signage Design

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FoocChowFu Apartment

Wayfinding, Signage  I  2021  I  Fuzhou. China

FOOCHOWFU is a high-end serviced apartment at No.95 Longting Road in Fuzhou City, China, also named 95 LONGTING.


Because of its unique location, the developer has developed the street with multiple residential and commercial buildings. The Foochowfu is the most luxurious residence within the same area, as long as the city center. The project integrates many facilities, including private club lounge, private pool, cinema, gym, banquet space and many more residents’ leisure and entertainment design facilities.


With the understanding of this unique project. We intend to bring luxury and premium detail to the signage system. We have taken inspiration from the architectural design element, And transformed the key element to be integrated with the signage design to make it contemporary and luxury- looking.

By applying the selected material and steel finishes, the signage product will be present with its own elegant looking, which works cohesively with the interior space.

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