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Bytedance Headquarter Signage Design

Office I Workplace

Bytedance Headquarter

Wayfinding, Signage Concept  I  2019  I  Beijing. China

Bytedance is a well-known digital media company, and its products are very popular in the modern world. This is the 2nd headquarter project for Mr. Jeffrey Liu, which was requeted by Bytedance. Before that, Jeffrey was the invloved with Bytedance Signage Guideline design for its first Headquarter Office in Beijing.

This time round, our challenge is visually presenting the brand element and conveying inspirational and motivational messages in environmental graphics. With the familiarity of the Bytedance Brand Guidelines, we have designed the signage with wood panel finishes and in combination with the magnet panel, which is able to sever its interchangeable messaging.

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